Our Investors and Landlords are achieving over £1,500 profits from rental yields with up to £170K Uplift after refurb.
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STRATEGY FOR 2019: Uplift Your HMO and Increase Yields

  • Struggling to let your property?

  • Low yielding single let property?

  • Can’t get enough finance to Refurb?

  • Thinking of converting to an HMO?

  • Want to make high yielding profits?


Then you have have come to the right place.


Whether you’re converting an office building into an HMO, an industrial unit into flats to sell or an old mill into a row of townhouses, there’s huge profits to be made.

Converting an existing building means there’s no digging down or external build work required.  You are essentially building from the inside out so once you have acquired the property you can get renovating pretty quick and complete the project with shorter timescales and start getting returns quicker.

The scope for conversions are huge so you can be as creative as you want by starting from a blank canvas or bring the old character into to the finish which is quite in demand these days.

Of course you will need to get around permitted development, planning permissions, regulations and find a good reliable team with the right expertise to help you convert this large scale project.

That’s where we come in!


With over 1.8 million full-time students in UK Universities and around 30% rent in HMOs in their final years of education, no wonder it’s a huge market worth over £2 Billion.

Current trends show that demand is over taking supply due to councils rejecting a higher percentage of HMO applications and this curve is growing which means there is a shortage of student HMOs to meet the demand.

We will guide you through your permitted development applications to maximise the chances of acceptance and ensure your property gets certified to meet the new stricter regulations.

Our team strive to raise the bar when it comes to renovations and refurbishment to meet higher living standards with a high-quality boutique finish to keep you ahead of the game.

Partnering with us and we will endeavour to convert your property that will win tenants over other student accommodations in the area with better returns.

Unlock your potential today!


Unlike student HMOs you are not confined to invest in particular areas, so your choice is broader and you have more flexibility in sourcing a property at a good price potentially making your initial investment a lot less.

As your tenants will be maturer working professionals this will reflect on easier and in most cases more straightforward management.

Its important that you know your tenants when building, renovating and refurbishing properties to attract the right rental income to get the best return on your investment.

That’s what we do and what we know best.

3 Reasons to Invest in HMOs



  • 75 million full-time students in UK and around 30% rent in HMOs in their final years of education.
  • It’s traditionally a British thing to do
  • HMOs are cheaper to rent compared to purpose built rented accommodation.
  • Government has removed the limit on the number of students that can enrol at Universities which forecasts an extra 50,000 per year.


  • Councils are turning down more HMO applications which means there will be fewer being created which gives a rise to an opportunity to get in at the right time.
  • An HMO license on a property today will be worth more in the future.


  • HMOs generate cash flow quickly giving you a recurring monthly passive income
  • There is no other property letting investment strategy within the UK that can offer over 9% returns.
  • It simple maths. Typical buy-to-rent yield around 3-5% where HMOs average around 9% – that’s almost double on a good investment.

Sounds Great ...

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