WHY settle on 1 – 5% ?

When you can ACHIEVE returns of 6 – 10% ?

  • Not getting enough return on your money?

  • Want to create new source of passive income?

  • Looking for a reliable and experienced Joint Venture partner?

  • Don't have time for Due Dilligence?


  • We can source properties in prime locations where the rental market is profitable and in high demand for students and professionals.
  • We live and breathe HMOs – We understand HMO licensing, planning regulations and the entire market to be competitive.
  • We have a team of builders, renovators and decorators to convert any property into a HMO and have it fully refurbished and furnished – ready to let.
  • We have good relations in the right places to make things happen and reduce time and money.
  • We can generate a cash flow within months of acquiring a property.

There’s a growing demand of tenants for newly renovated and modern HMOs and with Councils turning down 90% of applications, its creating an increased demand over supply for HMO.


The HMO market is worth an estimated £20 billion

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die”
Warren Buffet

3 Reasons to Invest in HMOs



  • 1.8 million full-time students in UK and around 30% rent in HMOs in their final years of education.
  • It’s traditionally a British thing to do
  • HMOs are cheaper to rent compared to purpose built rented accommodation.
  • Government has removed the limit on the number of students that can enrol at Universities which forecasts an extra 50,000 per year.


  • Councils are turning down more HMO applications which means there will be fewer being created which gives a rise to an opportunity to get in at the right time.
  • An HMO license on a property today will be worth more in the future.


  • Simple Maths: HMOs achieve better ROI than Buy To Lets (~5% Vs ~10%) Thats double on a good investment.
  • HMOs generate cash flow quickly giving you a recurring monthly passive income
  • There is no other property letting investment strategy within the UK that can offer over 9% returns.

Sounds Great ...

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” You either pay by
making your own mistakes,
or pay to learn from someone
else’s mistakes. “


I was sceptical in the beginning and took a risk.  That was 3 years ago.  Now i am investing in my 4th HMO with RedBrickz.

H. Williams
Private Investor

HMO Experts in Birmingham & Coventry INCREASE RENTAL YIELDS OVER 8% We will help your HMO License application process
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